Sunday, April 21, 2013

Time For Reflection!

Been a crazy month, working and traveling etc, so felt like we needed to spend some time being out enjoying nature!

Carlo, myself and family took a drive up the coast and do some hiking.  If you have never been to Big Sur, I encourage you to take a drive up highway 1 and enjoy the spectacular sights.

One of the best parts is there is almost NO cell phone service, and any hotel you may stay in probably has no TV or Internet connection.  This sounds crazy, but after a few hours you will grow to appreciate it!

Everyone should take some time to get out and away from all the news.  It seems recently every day there has been something bad happening, from Boston, to shootings and on and on...  It reminds us that every day can be either a struggle and a blessing and overcoming the crap will allow you to stand tall and enjoy what we have.

One of the best memories from Big Sur is the clean cool ocean air that really is cleansing.  We stayed at a cabin with a fireplace, and I will never forget sitting by the fire at night and just enjoying the silence - no drama, no TV, no Internet & no phone.

Here are a few pictures taken by Carlo - he has becoming quite the photographer!!

Carlo did a great job of capturing the beauty of the coast. Very relaxing indeed!

On another high note, I saw my doctor on Friday and I am down an additional 18 pounds since January.  Lots of hard work and eating better!  We decided to take a celebratory hike at Crystal Cove near Laguna Beach!  Its a moderate hike of about 4 miles although you can choose the more difficult trail however I am not there yet!  Here are some pictures from the hike!

I would certainly say this has been a relaxing but exciting adventure.  Much needed rest, exercise and reconnecting with nature.  I am fortunate I am able to get out and walk like this, some of us are not so lucky...  so is life!  I am just happy I no longer need to purchase my clothes at Mr Pinky's Hefty Hideaway...