Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend adventure to Santa Barbara!

Spur of the moment trips can sometimes be the most fun!  Carlo and I decided to go on an adventure and take the train to Santa Barbara for the day.  I had not been on a long train trip for over 20 years, so this was going to be a lot of fun.

We set out early, on the 8:00 am train since it is a good 3 hour trip.  It was a great experience, taking the train.  No worries of driving, just sitting back and watching the scenery flash by your window.  The colors of the coast are always so beautiful, any time of day!

Santa Barbara is a great place to relax and walk around, however the weather is a little touch and go.  Most of the day, the weather was cool and overcast but perfect for walking around.  We started with a nice lunch and a walk along the pier.  The pier offers a leisurely stroll, and we watch the bird swoop down and the fishermen cast their lines - the salt air was crisp and clean, the white caps of the slight waves were visible for as far as the eye could see.

We decided to take a walk into town - looking at the stores along the way.  Everything and everyone so different in this town.  From the rich of Montecito to the homeless who are so prevalent as you walk the streets, talk about a melting pot.  We stopped at a few place, and I still marvel at being able to shop at a normal store and buy normal clothes off the rack!!  I even walked right buy a french bakery as the smell of baking bread wafted out the door - I saw the eclairs in the window the cakes and tortes piled high with whipped cream - and I passed them all up.  Before we knew it, it was time to meet up with a relative who lives close to the area.  We had drinks and shared lots of laughs which was nice.  If there is nothing I have learned in the last few years, family & friend is the most important thing.  Never forget that!

A quick look at the time, we knew we better head back to the train station.  While at the station, we ran into someone named Kate...  Well, to keep things suspenseful, I will devote an entire blog about Kate - and the heroism I saw displayed on this early evening.  We just had enough time to hop on the train for the long trip back. The bright sky which had been following us around all day had started to turn orange and then red as the sun was setting over the water.

A quick funny story....  Later at night, the Amtrak is able to travel at a higher speed (90+ MPH).  Carlo and I laughed that we were traveling so fast that we may be bending time and who knows what we may see once we stopped.  We had visions of Twilight Zone, and the Train to Willoughby...  Well, as the train pulls in, and the coach doors open, low and behold in front of us stood about 30 people waiting to get on the train - ALL in 1700 period clothing!!!!  Seriously, men and women decked out in their "finest" standing there.  Obviously, they had come from an even at Disneyland, but image our initial shock.... An amazing way to end an wonderful day!!  Cant wait for our next adventure!

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