Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gun Control & Mental Illness!!!

It was a crazy week for news...  An obviously troubled man opened fire on Monday and fatally shot twelve people and injured three others at the Navy Yard in Washington DC.  It was the second deadliest mass murder on a US military base after the Fort Hood shooting in November of 2009.  

Something like this is hard to comprehend.  why would someone do this?  what causes them to "snap" and decide one day they are going to wake up and kill innocent people?  Is it mental illness?  Violent video games?  Crappy gun laws? 

I took to Facebook to post my thoughts, and by the end of the day my posting had turned into a very lively debate about gun control, mental illness and of course, the 2nd Amendment!  Gun owners cried that it was not about gun control...  Others said no one should be allowed to carry a gun....  

Somewhere along the way, society has lost its understanding of human dignity.  Should it be that easy to purchase a gun one day, and kill people the next - especially if you have a mental illness?  I certainly do not think our forefathers would approve of these NRA members having so much control over gun laws.  

In my opinion, there is NO reason anyone needs a semi-automatic weapon, for any reason.  If a hunter needs an AK47 to hunt, they need to stay home.  And seriously folks, I am tired of hearing the need to stock pile our weapons in the event "we the people" need to overthrow the government or some similar nonsense.  I have no problem with those who want to have a weapon, or even carry a weapon, but we have gone way too far.  These mass shootings have increased at an alarming rate and it must stop now.   

Remember it is one of my right to stay alive and shouldn't that right take precedence over your right to carry a automatic weapon?  At the end of the day, not only do we need tougher gun regulations and more comprehensive background checks, we need to have a better understanding of mental illness.  It is rare to hear that a shooter was "normal" and exhibited no mental issues before the rampage - there is usually some indication before hand...  Why doesn't anyone act on this?  Why wasn't the shooter in Aurora Colorado locked up?  Why wasn't the shooter on Monday banned from the Navy Yard at the first indication of an issue?   Maybe that would not be the Politically Correct thing to do, but it is the right thing to do!  In short, if someone is hearing voices - they should not be allowed to own a gun!  

Stop allowing everyone to own a gun - take mental illness more serious - report those people who have mental illness and ban them from purchasing a gun.  If we had followed these simple rules,  we could have prevented Aurora, DC, Sandy Hook and Santa Monica College at least and maybe even more.  What say you!

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