Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Year In Review

Where do I start?  It has been a good year overall including some major milestones for me personally but good times overall!  It seems to just get better.

I think what I am most proud of is my health!  I have been steadily and slowly loosing weight since 2010, however 2013 marked the turning point.  In January, I scheduled a physical to address my high blood pressure and at that point made a decision that 2013 would be a year of change.  Encouraged by Carlo we both started removing animal products from our way of eating and made a conscious decision to eat more natural products.  I guess the first thing we cut out was soda, red meat followed by chicken, dairy, eggs and finally fish.  I will admit to a few slips along the way, but I can confirm we have both transitioned to being "almost" totally vegan.  Carlo does eat fish once in awhile, always being mindful of his choices, i.e. fresh caught vs. farm raised.  I can safely say I have never felt better!

Some other major highlights would be our amazing trip to Hawaii in February - being able to hike and really enjoy myself was a huge accomplishment.  To think about some of the places I've been and seen it is a shame I've never been able to really "experience" them.  Traveling to places like Paris is cool, but if you only see the inside of a hotel room well yea....  you get the idea.  I will never forget the fireworks on the last night in Hawaii... standing on the beach, just enjoying the moment!

In November we spent 4 days in Sedona with family.  To say it was amazing would be an understatement.  To be surrounded by nature, and to hike to the top of Cathedral Rock is an experience I will never forget.  I actually blogged about it, so if you're interested take a look below!  If you've never been, go and experience the vortex!

We had some amazing adventures this year.  Our Big Sur weekend in April, a surprise birthday weekend at the Langham Huntinton Hotel & Beverly Hills Hotel in June, several Santa Barbara excursions, and too many "staycations" to mention!

I could go on and on....  From "rediscovering" my musical talent (thanks to a gentle push by Carlo) to family adventures, vegan restaurant discoveries, recipes we tried, photography, The Opera, a few plays - and of course turning 40 (And the disaster Birthday party which could fill an entire blog) - Never a dull moment.

I have not talked much about my legal struggles this year, trying to move on as best I can and winning lots of battles along the way.  FrankenKlein continues to harass the world, becoming more and more delusional and sick along the way - failing to understand why he should have to pay his debts.  Anyway, it seems as if he is hell bent on his own self destruction as everyone stands around in awe of his next crazy blog post.  One victory I will share is the return of some of my personal belongings.  After 3 long years....  Not everything, but a few pieces.  Its funny, a few pieces even had letters of authenticity addressed to me and dated some 10 years ago.  What can I say, he's tacky lying trash demonstrated by his yard sale earlier this year.

So this year, New Years Eve will be a quiet affair.  Spent with a few family and friends at one of our favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. Quiet time to reflect on the coming year, to laugh and talk and to really enjoy life and those around us.  Carlo and I will also be reviewing our list of what we would like to accomplish in 2014.  Hike the Grand Canyon?  Maybe a hot air balloon ride?  Surfing in Hawaii?  I can tell its going to be a fantastic year.  If the last few years have taught me anything, "don't sweat the small stuff."

So from our family to yours, Happy New Year!!!


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