Friday, May 2, 2014

Wow, time flies.....

Like the title says, time flies....  I can't believe its been almost six months since I have updated this blog.  I know some folks still read the blog and I certainly appreciate your support.

Lots of things have happened, lots of things have stayed the same.  I guess that's the way life goes.  Overall, I can't complain.  

I am pretty pumped about working with a personal trainer now.  Although I have lost weight I still need to tone things up.  I will update my progress on the blog from time to time.  Take a look at my trainers page - his name is Chris!

Carlo and I have been doing some traveling as well.  Another fun trip to Sedona Arizona for some hiking, that always hits the spot!  Food & outdoors fun...  Here is a picture from one of our adventurers.  

Easter was just a few weeks ago - enjoyed some quiet family time!  Took a ton of pics, but here is one for now.  Carlo, myself & my brother Jeremy...  So proud of Jeremy!!

Ying & Yang, but we're always in perfect harmony!!!  My Carlo...  

So, I will update more frequently, or at least try! I will also keep it uplifting and fun, and focus on fitness and getting into shape!!