Friday, February 13, 2015

Its time for a Birthday!!

So today is Carlo's birthday. Wow, its been a long time and it certainly never gets boring. I think that is part of the magic, never let it get boring. Try to somehow keep things fresh and new... Explore different places, enjoy just being quiet with each other... learn from your mistakes and figure out how to move forward so those mistakes are never repeated.

Sometimes love is unspoken
Sometimes love is loud
Sometimes love is hard
Sometimes love is angry
Sometimes love is sad
Sometimes love is funny
But love is always fantastic

When I look at Carlo, I see a shining light of happiness, a beacon of friendship with a smile that could melt the ice caps. His beautiful eyes, full of life and emotion. His lust for life and new things. His curious nature, his drive to learn and to teach and to be open to new and different experiences.

One lesson I have learned over the last 6 years, the best revenge is to be loved and to love back. Its not about money as everyone goes through good and bad times, its about how you help each other get through those times that matter. When you have someone in your life, you can accomplish anything.

What we both learned what real triumph is...   being happy, healthy and successful. Of knowing what really matters, of knowing what true love is.

Carlo is an amazing person, always there for me, always my rock and always with a smile.

We have a love that is strong, a love that knows no boundaries. A love based on trust and mutual respect and intense friendship.  

So, I lift my glass tonight to the one and only Carlo!  Happy Birthday Babe!!!


PS: I got one....